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The Manuiki Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity consisting of a vibrant all-volunteer community of committed and caring individuals dedicated to the preservation and perseverance of the Hawaiian culture. All donations are tax deductable.
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Bridge Of Aloha Festival - May 4th, and 5th 2018

Celebrating "May Day Is Lei Day".

May Day is Lei Day at Bridge of Aloha. "A Tribute to the Island Of Niʻihau." Featuring live Polynesian music, hula performances, cultural artisan workshops, lei making contest, food vendors, local product vendors, and many special guests. On Saturday the doors open at 10:00am for shopping and breakfast. Festivities begin at 10:30am. We are also selling beautiful Plumeria lei at our fresh flower lei stand at the door.
Māhala ka pua, ua wehe kaiao - One looks forward with joy to a happy event!



"An Evening to Remember" with Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu

PERFORMERS - Two locations - Stage One, Indoors and Stage Two, Outdoors

VENDORS - Food Vendors and Merchandise Vendors


LEI CONTEST INFORMATION - details and applications


LODGING - Nearby lodging

VOLUNTEERS - Volunteers are always welcome


Please join us, along with all of the participating halau, in singing
Kū haʻaheo e kuʻu Hawaiʻi and Hawaiʻi Ponoʻi during the festival.

Kū haʻaheo e kuʻu Hawaiʻi
Written – Composed: Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu

Kaikoʻo ka moana kā i lana nei Hawaiʻi            The sea of Hawai’i surges in turmoil
Nāueue a hālulu ka honua a Haumea                 The earth of Haumea rumbles and shakes
Nākulukulu e ka lani kiʻekiʻe kau mai i luna     The highest of heavens shudder up above
Auē ke aloha ‘ole a ka malihini                           Alas! Woeful indeed are the  heartless foreigners

(Hoʻoho – Chorus)

Kū haʻaheo e kuʻu Hawaiʻi                                   Stand tall my Hawai’i
Mamaka kaua o kuʻu ‘āina                                  Band of warriors of my land
‘O ke ehu kakahiaka o nā ‘ōiwi o Hawaiʻi nei     The new dawn for our people of Hawai’i is upon us
No kuʻu lahui e hāʻawi pau a i ola mau                 For my nation I give my all so that our legacy lives on

Auhea wale ‘oukou pūʻali koa o Keawe               Where are you soldiers of Keawe
Me ko Kamalālāwalu la me Kākuhihewa            Along with those of Maui and O’ahu
Alu mai pualu mai me ko Manokalanipō             Unite, join together with those of Kaua’i
Kaʻi mai ana me nā kama a Kahelelani               Marching alongside the descendants of Ni’ihau

(hoʻoho – chorus)
E nāue imua e nā pokiʻi a e inu wai ‘awaʻawa   Move forward young ones and drink of the bitter waters
E wiwoʻole a hoʻokūpa’a ‘aʻohe hope e hoʻi mai ai   Be fearless, steadfast for there is no turning back
A naʻi wale nō kākou kaukoe mau i ke ala            Let’s press onward straight on the path of victory
Auē ke aloha ‘ole a ka malihini                              Alas! Woeful are the heartless foreigners!

(hoʻoho – chorus)
E lei mau i lei mau kākou e nā mamo aloha       Be honored always oh beloved descendants of the land
I lei wehi ‘aʻali’i wehi nani o kuʻu ‘āina              Let us wear the honored ‘a’ali’i of our beloved land
Hoe a mau hoe a mau no ka pono sivila             Paddle on in our pursuits of civil justice
A hoʻihoʻi hou ‘ia mai ke kūʻokoʻa                     Until our dignity and independence is restored

(hoʻoho – chorus)
(hoʻoho – chorus) repeat

Printable version is here  

Lyrics by King Kalākaua, music by Henry Berger

Hawaiʻi ponoʻī                                       Hawaiʻi’s own
Nānā i kou mōʻī                                     Be loyal to your chief
Ka lani aliʻi                                           Your country’s liege and lord
Ke aliʻi                                                  The aliʻi


Makua lani ē                                         Father above us all
Kamehameha ē                                     Kamehameha
Na kaua e pale                                      Who guarded in war
Me ka ihe                                              With his spear


Hawaiʻi ponoʻī                                        Hawaiʻi’s own
Nānā i nā aliʻi                                         Look to your lineal chiefs
Nā pua muli kou                                     These chiefs of latter birth
Nā pōkiʻi                                                 Younger siblings


Hawaiʻi ponoʻī                                         Hawaiʻi’s own
E ka lāhui ē                                             People of loyal hearts
ʻO kāu hana nui                                     Thy only duty lies
E ui ē                                                       Listen and abide
Printable version is here  



The Bridge of Aloha Festival is proudly sponsored by:
The Bridge of Aloha Festival is all about sharing the Hawaiian Culture in the Great Pacific Northwest, presented by Manuiki Lono, founder of the Bridge of Aloha Festival who will continue to share the Hawaiʻian Culture with the Northern Region of WA State community. The Festival is focused on honoring the Hawaiian culture from afar and is all about connecting the bridge with other cultural groups in the Pacific Northwest. The goal is to share traditions, educate, and build friendship between communities.
The Samish Indian Nation is governed by a seven member Tribal Council elected to oversee the welfare and resources of the Tribe; its constitution, economic development, policies, legislation, enrollment, and justice. A general Council, all voting age members, maintains active participation in both the governance responsibilities and cultural gatherings of the Tribe. Today the leaders of the Tribe move both in the traditional Samash ways and use the tools of the modern day world.
We strive to make Love to Move a place of harmony where work meets fun and leisure meets efficiency. We empower our students to build strength, stability, and awareness of not only their bodies, but their minds and souls. We hope our studio feels as comfortable as home and also reflects the artistic and imaginative nature of this amazing art we share each day. It is our privilege to demonstrate how dance and fitness provides a platform of positive momentum affecting our community, relationships, families and self.
Palenaka Entertainment Sharing the beautiful sounds of the Islands of Hawaii in Whatcom and Skagit Counties. Born and raised in Hawaii, Leeward side of the Island of Oahu in Ewa.  Past President of Northwest Hawaii Ohana (NWHO) a non-profit organization in Bellingham, WA. for 10 years.

Opening Ceremonies from the 2017 Bridge of Aloha in Bellingham Washington.


‘Ike ‘ia no ka loea I ke kuahu